AHeDD structure.png

Background of AHeDD

▷ Over 70% of bio-industry related to Drug Discovery & Development (DDD) industry

▷ Asian Countries, especially, Japan, China, and Korea regard Bio-industry as main industry in near future

▷ DDD is high quality labor intensive industry

▷ e-DD contributes much on the reduction of developing time, cost and rate of attrition

▷ Asian countries lack of technologies, tools, experiences, and experts.

▷ e-DD technology can overcome regional restriction

Aims of AHeDD

Construct Collaborative DD Research Network with e-DD Technologies among Asian Countries

Collaboration in Drug Discovery with e-DD Tools

Develop and Share e-DD Tools

Training e-DD Researchers

Incubate e-DD Related Venture Companies

Contribute to the Activation of Pharmaceutical Industry in Asia